Crusader Paintball Factory Team

Are you looking to learn how to get into tournament paintball?
Are you a novice player looking to make connections to go to the next level?
Are you a serious player looking for a well-managed team?

We have the program for you.


Parent / Player Info Night: Jan. 23rd at 5:00 PM

The first Parent / Player night will be on Wednesday, January 23rd at 5pm. Bring any questions about How to Join the Factory Team, what the Requirements of the Factory team are, concerns, or just your general interest in competitive paintball for an informal Q&A session. The meeting itself requires no sign up or reservation, and coming to either of the Information Sessions will NOT require you to sign up for a team. The intention of this information session is just to help educate prospective members of the Factory Team, or help educate parents / players about the costs of tournament paintball in general. If you are any interest in Tournament Paintball – this session is for you!

Second Information Night: Thursday February 7th at 5pm. The same information will be covered, so don’t feel like you need to attend both. We are trying to accommodate busy schedules!



Open for All Experiences

Crusader Paintball Factory team will have rosters for players competing at every possible level. If you have paintball experience, or if you need to get some paintball experience, we have a line for you.

Management That's Been There

Over 20 years of paintball experience is being used by Crusader Paintball Factory. Every aspect of the team is covered, from travel logistics, practice budgeting, and even a fitness schedule, CP Factory will be the new standard in how paintball teams work.

Built for Competitiveness

The Philadelphia Area is one of the hottest, most competitive environments in paintball. CP Factory will work with other local fields and teams to make a stronger program for our players, and for the local community.

How do I get involved?

Before March 1st, 2019 – We are going to host 2 Information Nights to help answer any questions or concerns that prospective players or parents may have.

After March 1st, 2019 – CP Factory Team normally practices Sunday Mornings at Crusader Paintball. Join the Crusader Paintball Speedball Facebook group in order to see the latest updates on team practices, and join us then to see the team in action and start getting involved.

Who do I contact?

Contact Sean by calling the ProShop at 215-949-4600

Where are the tournaments or competitions?

CP Factory team will be competing in the Eastern Paintball League Northern Conference in the 2019 season. See information about the EPL series at their website: