Public Walk On Play

No reservations, no minimums. Just show up and play

I started playing at the fields when it was the old owners…with the new owners, walk ons got a serious upgrade. Now there’s competition, different styles of play, a great group of regulars, and now they even revamped their speedball field. It seems like the place is really getting legit and I am excited for things to come.

Zac S.

Are you looking for a weekend away? Maybe you and a couple friends just want to try paintball? Or are you the regular weekend warrior, trying to find a field where you can throw down some paint with your teammates? Then come in to our Public Walk On play, which is held every Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 4pm. No reservations are needed for these games, and we have plenty of rental gear to spare. Players just need to have a waiver, so parents can feel free to drop their kid off at the fields for day.

Walk On games rotate on each of our playing fields, playing different games for a new experience every time. We even have separate Speedball games now, so if you’re looking for your fast-paced Speedball fix, come on by.

Walk In Play

  • Play for 6 hours from 10:00am until 4:00pm (Registration opens at 9am)
  • Players must have their own gun, mask and barrel bag
  • Field Grade Paintballs – $17.00 Just $13.00 / bag of 500 with entry
  • High Quality Paintballs (Fate or similar) – $20.00 Just $15.00/ bag of 500 with entry
  • Tournament Grade (Graffiti or similar) – $23.00 Just $17.00 / bag of 500 with entry

Half Day Rental

  • Play for 3 hours (10am-1pm OR 1pm-4pm)
  • 500 Paintballs Included
  • Includes paintball mask, gun, and tank with air refills
  • Registration begins at 9:00am in the ProShop
  • Additional Paintballs – $13.00 / bag of 500

Full Day Rental

  • Play for 6 hours (from 10am until 4pm)
  • 1,000 Paintballs Included
  • Includes paintball mask, gun, and tank with air refills
  • Registration begins at 9:00am in the ProShop
  • Additional Paintballs – $13.00 / bag of 500

Anti-Fog Mask Upgrade

Rent a Thermal Anti-Fog Mask for better visibility. You can’t hit what you can’t see!

Neck Protector Rental

Protect your neck…you want battle stories, not battle scars!

Sniper Package

Get a more accurate, faster shooting gun for some extra firepower

Camo Jumpsuit

Protect your clothing from paint and mud with this stylish camouflage jumpsuit

Chest Protector

For extra protection, or to feel like a juggernaut, for just a few dollars!

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