ZetaMags Extended Magazines TIPX

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The ZetaMag is a high-capacity, twin-channel, reversible magazine for paintball pistols and SMGs, including (but not limited to) the Tippmann TPX/TiPX, TCR, MagFed Adapter, QLab Zeta adapters, and the Milsig m17 SMG.
Containing two ten-round stacks of .68 caliber paint, the ZetaMag is designed to feed from one channel, and then be rotated vertically on the Z-axis to feed a second full stack. By having 20 rounds available in the space of a single magazine effectively tripling the capacity of the default TiPX mag, yet only extending the length by four inches.
The ZetaMag has been engineered, tested and fine tuned the result is a rugged, self-contained product able to hold a large capacity of diverse rounds, without sacrificing structural integrity. Features like stronger stainless steel springs for better retention and feeding.
The ZetaMag has answered the call for extended mags and delivered.
New improvements include:
  • Chambered Bezels
 – The top notch now features exciting new chambering technology to reduce the potential for mag catches to get stuck in the wrong spot.
  • Spring Buffers
 – The springs now feature support buffers at the base to increase locking stability and reduce chances of unintended release tremendously.
  • Strong Followers – 
The mini followers are reinforced so they can better sustain high-G impacts.
  • Improved “last-ball” feeding -
 Followers extend slightly higher to ensure that the final round is fully chambered.
  • Detent Upgrade -
 The detents now feature new geometry that grabs paint and fins alike. Detent-springs are under more pressure to grab rounds, and released magazines will eject with more force.
  • More Compatibility – 
Additional mag-catch points to interface with the Milsig SMG.