Exalt Ambidextrous Release for TipX

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Manufactured for the player looking to drop their magazine with either hand with the flick of a finger, the Exalt Ambidextrous Magazine Release is a complete kit to convert your Tippmann TCR or TipX Marker to drop the magazine from either side of the marker tactically, quickly and easily. High-strength, fortified polymer design, corrosion-resistant hardware, instructions and tools included. This easy install upgrade will redifine the way you reload. Now you can take your shooting finger just off the trigger and easily drop your magazine while still keeping your gun aimed at your targets. This is a must have upgrade for any Tippmann TiPX or TCR owner to dominate the field.


  • Textured, anti-slip ridges make it easy to use while using gloves or when playing in wet conditions
  • Drop your magazine without breaking your grip off the marker
  • Includes all parts needed to convert your TIPX / TCR to have ambidextrous magazine release capability
  • Box contains: Ambidextrous paddle release lever, lever slide release, pivot bar and nut (spares included, too) drill guide and drill bit, and hex key