League has been postponed due to weather. Signup ends April 18th. Play Begins April 25th.

Crusader Paintball is proud to announce the return of our iconic Spring and Summer Leagues. These 5v5 Speedball leagues are perfect for the beginner player and team to learn about the world of competitive Paintball tournaments. Great for individuals and new teams alike!

These 5v5 Leagues teach the basics of competitive play in a structured format, and play similar to Regional and National level circuits…without the cost or intimidation. If you ever wanted to play paintball in a more serious setting, but aren’t quite ready to make the plunge to trying out for a regional team, or if you are an avid player looking for a higher level of competition compared to rec play, then this is for you.

2018 Spring League – 5v5 Open
• $89 registration per person, tax is included. Cash or Credit Cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Amex). No checks are accepted. Free Entry to next event for Champion
• Trainer League Style. This league is designed to be low-intensity, to introduce players to organized speedball events. On-field rules will be near identical to existing regional and national rules. Off-field league structure and roster restrictions are unique to CPB.
• Individual Registration is not only welcome, but encouraged. Suggested 12 years or older to play, 10 year old minimum. We reserve the right to adjust rosters to balance teams.
• Max Roster Size: 7. League officials reserve the right to adjust rosters for balancing.
Begins Wednesday March 28th. Deadline for registration is March 21st. Registration ends April 18th. Week 1 of play begins April 25th.
• Thursday is Rain Day for each Week
• 8 weeks of regular season, 1 week of playoffs and championships
• Free Setup Session will be held to give players and parents the chance to come in and ask questions about the league / speedball, as well as make sure their equipment is set properly for league use. Training will be an informational session, so bring along gear and any questions. Date for Setup Session is April 22nd
• Paint Pricing – League Special: $10/bag of field, $13/bag of Fate, $15/bag of Graffiti. Brand substitution may occur. Free Paint Storage will be available for league players.
• Daily Schedule: Arrive by 3:30pm! Captain’s Meeting at 4:00pm, games start after Meeting. Games should end around 7:30pm.
5v5 Center Flag, 5 minute game. Round Robin format, 7 games guaranteed weekly.
Conference Style, 3 pts for win, 1 pt for tie, -1 point for swing points.
Playoff structure pending # of teams. 12 team maximum.
No D3 or above in event history on APPA – League is not APPA eligible
NXL 10.5 BPS @ 300 FPS only – Modified NXL Rulebook to be made available later
Will use 2018 NXL Bunker and Layout – New Layouts every 2 Weeks + Playoffs.

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